ADAMS E1 Custom Euphonium



This is the ADAMS E1 Custom Euphonium from the Netherlands.

I met an ADAMS Euphonium in 2012 in ITEC(International Tuba Euphonium Conference) in Linz.
When I first tried ADAMS Euphoniums, I was very surprised by its easiness to play and sound quality.
This is particularly surprise point that it stays same sound and tone quality in all register.

ADAMS Euphoniums are very light, but its sound is very wide and bright. Everyone find this very easy.
ADAMS Euphonium makes my musical life very happy! :)

Tenor Trombone

YAMAHA YSL-882GOR with some customizes



This is YAMAHA Xeno YSL-882GOR.
I asked some customizes to YAMAHA Atelier Osaka, and they made fantastic horn!!! :D

There are points what I changed.
-Gold plated "Doug Yoe” Rotary cap.
-"Custom Z” balancer (it doesn’t have balancer usually)
-Made joint section which is between Slide and Bell thicker*

*The joint section on YAMAHA Tenor Trombone is little bit thinner than other famous companies.
Usually that section is same size between Tenor and Bass Trombone, but YAMAHA had different size between them.
I didn’t make it bigger than other company’s (Tenor)Trombones, I just made it as same size as Bass Trombone(other company’s Tenor Trombones).
It made big difference and I love it!!! :)

I can perform everything from powerful sound to very sensitive(delicated) sound with this Trombone.
It always makes me happy!! :)

Alto Trombone




This is my first Alto Trombone and I love this very much.
It has nice sound of "Alto Trombone" and very easy to control sound and intonation. ;)

As far as I heard, this model number(671) is only in Europe(US as well?) so this number doesn't exist in Japanese market(because I bought this when I was in France) and it’s no longer fabrication now.
I'm not so interesting about model number, so I don't care about that. ;)

I am happy with this.
This is important!! :D




ROMERA BRASS from Spain makes my signature mouthpieces for Tenor & Alto Trombone and Euphonium. :D

Left to right in picture.
-715A (for Alto Trombone)
-55N (for Euphonium)
-828T (for Tenor Trombone)

They are very fine and they sound fantastic!!
It’s very easy to control sounds and make horns sound very nice! ;)

If you are interested in these mouthpieces, ask to ROMERA BRASS! :)